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We have never stood still, in the seven years of ownership, and this next twelve months won’t be any different!

So we have kicked off, with a brand spanking new web site, courtesy of Zoe, at Skills on Toast in Bristol, that hopefully will give everyone a much better idea of what Rhodes, the Sunshine Island is like, and a better idea of what Villa Lindos, and Villa Lindos Spa is like.

For those new to Greece, the signature Tunes are of course, Zorba, Strata and the Rhodes Island Traditional Dance of Sousta.

Most people think of Rhodes as being Beaches and Sun, but hopefully our website will also show that it is also a stunningly picturesque landscape, with a lot more to offer, than just beaches.

All the Flora shots are from the Garden at the Villa, and for those that are lucky enough to see them all out at the same time, I am sure you will agree that an established garden really adds to the overall ambience.

For 2013, there will be the usual upgrades on exterior furniture, but nothing quite so major as the Spa installation earlier this year.

This was a major logistical exercise, importing the unit from the USA, into Greece and then onwards to Rhodes, and finally to it’s resting place, at VillaLindosSpa, courtesy of the biggest crane ever seen! And then the install took place.

Our thanks go to Scott and Shelley, who have worked diligently during the year, and to Max for keeping the garden ship shape!

This is the start of our blog, which will include updates, on local matters, where to go and what to do, as well as Facebook, and our Twitter feed.

Stay Tuned and come back soon……….

The season has come and gone… You can check us out on Facebook, our page is Villalindosspa, or we are on twitter @villalindosspa.

Everything has been readied for the winter, which is not what we in the UK or the US regard as winter! December can be glorious in Rhodes, with beautiful clear skies and temperatures in the region of 20-22 degrees! In fact one year, we decided to go

to the top of the mountain in Tsambika, to see how the Monk was getting on in the remote monastery, and it was one of the hottest days I can remember! And he was in!

The Spa has been a revelation in 2012, and everyone has enjoyed it immensely, it really has left us scratching our heads wondering what to do next!

2013, will bring new outdoor furniture, and hopefully a sheltered area on the top sun terrace. Furniture is always the hard one to get right, because the sun and intense heat, causes real problems. It can’t be metal. everyone would burn themselves,

and it can’t be woven plastic either, because the Sun makes it brittle.

Rhodes has not really suffered much from a blip in tourism, although the locals will tell you that they cannot recall a June or July like it, but August and September were buzzing! Lot’s of the local tavernas have realised that they have had to do

something to encourage trade, and deals have been springing up all over the place. If you know where to go, it still is possible to go out and eat relatively cheaply.


OK. Christmas 2012 has been and gone, and the new year 2013 is under way. Everyone is hoping that this year is going to be better than last year. It couldn’t get any worse weather wise here in the UK, and we are still feeling the effects of it, through

increased prices in the shops. A bag of potatoes is now double that  of 2011.

Economically, things have to get better, not just in the UK, but in Rhodes as well. Everyone is starting to pull together, rather in opposite directions. The feud between Ryanair ,Rhodes and Kos is now settled, and the flights have been released which

is really great news for the islands, because there was a danger that Easyjet was going to have the monopoly, and that would have been inherently bad for all concerned.

Shortly, we will embark on the redecoration program of the Villa, so that everything externally as well as internally is spick and span ready for 2013.

Newer and more efficient AC units will be installed in some of the rooms, so that the Villa remains cool, but, is not burning all the electricity the tiny power station on the west coast of the island can produce!

As things come on stream we will keep you posted.

There will also be tips on where to go and what to see, together with directions to some of the hidden treasures in the hinterland of the island!

Time has passed by quicker than anyone may have thought.

Here we are in June 2014, the World Cup is in full throw, and unfortunately Greece have just been eliminated in the last 16, which is far better than England managed to achieve.

The last year has been hectic.

After 10 years, and much bureaucracy, we have managed at long last to get a full 52 week Greek EOT Tourist licence, This means that everyone can at least book in confidence that the villa has achieved certain standards, and that there is no evidence of the sort of scam that sometimes surrounds booking a villa holiday independently online.

We have a good partnership with Trip Advisor, and in order to maintain those vital reviews, you cannot sit still.

We have over the last year installed AA rated Daikin Air Conditioning units throughout, so staying cool is not a problem, even when the temperature outside is oppressive.

The old wooden pergolas have been removed and replaced with a fully tiled roof structure, complete with wooden ceilings, and subtle lighting. You can now either sit in the lounge furniture and relax during the day out of the sun, while still enjoying the the warm weather, reading a book, or under the umbrella on one of our three sun terraces.

It also means that should that rare weather phenomenon, rain, come along, there is no need now to scamper back inside!

Sit back at night and listen to the cicadas, with a cool GnT or a glass of wine, and just let the world pass you by.

Big things are planned for 2015, although the major rebuilding programme is now complete.

There will be a greater emphasis on luxury.

New lighting, and possibly some stunning external lighting, and new luxury bedding.

See you soon!



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