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Through the gate!

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A visit to RHODES TOWN, and the medieval Old town, dating back to the knights of Templar is a must. The old town is very picturesque, with it’s stone buildings, and cobbled streets, bazaars, shops and bars, facing onto the lovely mandraki harbour. The whole place comes alive during the day, and a night time visit is well recommended.

Rhodes is a popular destination for mediterranean cruises, which also ensures that there is an abundance of quality designer and high street shops in the new town, together with some ‘superb Fish Tavernas’ and modern restaurants.

Faliraki Waterpark

If you are after thrills and spills, a day out at the largest Water Park in europe is a must. Ideal for families, and people of all ages. A free bus service runs to the water park daily, and is very popular.

Sianna & Monolithos

Head inland to the small mountain top village of Sianna. Here you will find a truly wonderful place, with beautiful views right across the island. Everyone thinks of Rhodes as beaches and sea, but there is some stunning scenery, and here you can really appreciate it. You can also appreciate the vast selection of local natural honey, with various wild herb flavours, but Thyme, Lavender and Sage are predominant. Also on sale are various liquers, produced from the first pressings of Ouzo… Souma, then head onto Monolithos, and the monastery, built atop a huge rock formation looking out over the Mediterranean sea.

Symi Island

Symi has the most beautiful harbour in Greece. On either side of a steep-sided fjord rise tier upon tier of houses, some white, some pastel yellow, some blue, but virtually all with Neo-Classical pediments – a reminder that 100 years ago this was one of Greece’s most prosperous islands. There has been virtually no modern concrete construction here and now these fine old houses are being resurrected for visitors. The spirit of the island remains intact.” A quote from Conde Naste.

Symi is wonderful, not just a beautiful place with fine buildings, and sea as clear as anything you can imagine. It is the place where all the deep sea sponges come from, and the museum and shop are well worth a visit. Locally grown herbs and spices are to die for, but it is an exquisite island paradise, a short boat trip from Rhodes, and a must for anyone who loves Greece!